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I have played badminton since the age of  four. As a teenager, I played county level in Malaysia (1970’s) and later in teams at University and first division league in Nottingham UK (1980’s). I currently play in division one in the Huddersfield League for Holmfirth Badminton Club. My passion for the game has always been at a high level.


I love to develop and guide players in the right direction to improve their game at their level and pace. The advice I give is always “text- book” as I consider this a good foundation to build their game. As a coach, I would develop this further in a relaxed environment but in keeping with the current methods and use of the correct equipment. My fulfilment would be to see the players I help (of all ages and ability) improve their game and achieve their goals. I also work in tandem with Badminton England via. their Regional Officer and also Kirklees Active Leisure in projects / incentives they plan for this area.

Educational qualifications and brief career
  • 30th Sept 2011: Level 2 QCF (Qualifications & Credits Framework) Paediatric First Aid
  • 21st June 2011: Qualified UKCC level 2 in coaching badminton.
  • 15th March 2011: Qualified UKCC level 1 in coaching badminton.
  • Apr 1991 – Jan 2011: Project Engineer Kirklees Highways Service Huddersfield (left Jan 2011).
  • Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) certified on 27/07/2010.
  • 1989 – Apr 1991: Assistant Engineer at Nottingham County Council.
  • 1987 – 1989: Graduate Engineer at Bagguley & Barker Contractors (Nottingham).
  • 1984 – 1987: BEng Degree in Civil Engineering from Trent Polytechnic (now Nottingham Trent University).
Coaching experience

Huddersfield Eagles Junior Badminton Club. Age: 7yrs – 16 yrs ( Completed March 2012)
I assisted two other level 2 coaches (3 hrs on Sundays, Jan 2011-March 2012) during my Level 1 qualification.

Holmfirth Badminton Junior Club (Honley High School, Huddersfield) Age: 7yrs -14 yrs (Completed Sept 2016)
I was the lead coach for this session (Mondays 18:30-19:30). These are block booked in advance for a period of 27 weeks.  Attendance typically 12 – 15 in number.  Season runs from  September – March.

Appleton Academy, Wyke
  • Yr 7: General Badminton techniques, rules and regulations. 23 pupils
    (Mondays 12:30-13:10). Started 6th January 2012. Completed 7/5/12.
  • Yr 9 ( BTEC ) : Badminton techniques, rules and regulations. 22 pupils
    (Mondays 13:10-14:10 from 06/01/12 – 26/03/12 ). Completed.
  • Yr 9 ( BTEC ) : Badminton techniques, rules and regulations. 22 pupils
    (Mondays 14:10-15:10 from 30/01/12 – 28/05/12 ) Completed.
  • Yr 13 Enrichment: Badminton techniques, rules and regulations
    (Fridays 13:10-14:10 from 28/09/11 – 27/01/12 ) Completed.
  • Yr 9 ( BTEC ) : Badminton techniques, rules and regulations. 22 pupils
    (Mondays 10:15-11:15 from 10/9/12-3/12/12 ) Completed.
  • Yr 12 ( BTEC ) : Badminton techniques, rules and regulations. 4 pupils
    (Tuedays 13:30-14:30 from 25/9/12-18/12/12 ) Completed.
  • After school Badminton Club / School Team practice ( Mixed years ) . Typically 16- 23 pupils.
    (Thursdays 15:30-16:30 from 6/1/12 – 23/7/13). Identified and submitted two KS3 Boys and Girls teams for The English Schools National Badminton Championships 2012/2013. Delegated Team Manager. Completed.
Appleton KS3 boys have now been initiated into the Bradford Schools Badminton League System.

Spen Valley Sports College, Liversedge (Completed)

Yr7 and 8: Badminton techniques, rules and regulations. 14 pupils (Thursdays 15:00-16:00 from 01/03/12 – 17/05/12 ) 10 week programme completed.

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (QEGS) Foundation, Wakefield (Ongoing)

Coach for Senior Boys School Badminton Club, Mondays ( 16:15-17:15 ). Started 10/9/12. Identified and  submitted  two KS3 and three  KS4 teams for The English Schools National Badminton Championships 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016. Delegated Team Manager. QEGS boys are Wakefield champions 5 years running.

KS3 Team came fourth in West Yorkshire County rounds ( see in NEWS section ) in 2012/2013 season.

Thornill Community Academy (Ongoing)

Yr8 and 11: Badminton techniques, rules and regulations. 18 pupils (Wednesdays 15:15 -16:15  from 20/06/12 – 27/06/12 ). Two week TRIAL programme completed. New 12 week programme started on 12th  September 2012. Identified and  submitted One KS3 and two  KS4 teams  for The English Schools National Badminton Championships 2012/2013. Delegated Team Manager.

Submitted two KS4 and one KS3 teams for The English Schools National Badminton Championships 2013/2014/2015/2016.

Current projects Badminton England (BE), Kirklees Active Leisure (KAL), West Yorkshire Sport (WYS)

I currently liaise with KAL to prepare a sustainable junior badminton programme in the Kirklees area. This would include a centralised venue for coaching with a view to promote junior tournaments (with local sponsorship). I also keep in regular contact with BE,KAL and WYS to promote whatever projects they may have.

Try Badminton 2012 ( 18:30-20:30 ) 23/8/12 – 27/9/12 (Completed)

I coached this new BADMINTON England’s  initiative at Huddersfield Sports Centre with two groups of 16 people for six weeks.  There is a special article for it in the “News ” section.

Better Badminton Club 2012 ( 19:30-20:30 ) 04/10/12-Under review

Following the success of  Try badminton and the 2012 London Olympics, BADMINTON England have set up this club to further promote badminton to the masses in Kirklees and the North of England. I co-ordinated the sessions at Huddersfield Sports Centre and personally manage this club for them. Attendance 6-8.

Other appointments

  • Co-ordinator for No-Strings Badminton franchise ( BE incentive ) at Huddersfield Sports Centre ( Wednesdays 18:00 – 19:00 ) in West Yorkshire . Attendance 8-12 (Ongoing).
  • Coached the KAL Games Badminton participants “training sessions” at Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre ( Sundays 13:00-14:00 ) from 18th March – 17th June 2012 (Completed).
  • Co-ordinator for “Family badminton ” sessions at Whitcliffe Mount Sports Centre ( Sundays 13:00-14:30 ). Attendance 12-16. Completed. Session now moved to Dewsbury Sports Centre (Sundays 4pm-6pm)
  • Co-ordinator for Friday ( 19:30-22:30 ) and Sunday ( 1pm-3pm ) Community BADMINTON Clubs at Huddersfield Sports Centre. Attendance 35-50 ( Fridays ), 30-35 ( Sundays ) (Under review).
  • Lead Badminton officer for KAL Games Badminton Tournament 2013 (Completed, See report in the NEWS section ). Tournament format under review.
  • Coached Pheonix Badminton Club 5 week trial (Completed 23/7/13 ).
  • Liaising with West Yorkshire Sports in setting up “Satellite Clubs” in Kirklees ( Ongoing ).
  • Ocassional publicity work for BADMINTON England.

Mentored Lee Whitworth for his UKCC Level 2 qualification in Badminton Coaching . He passed his assessments on Sunday 10/11/13 ( see news section) .


Badminton and sports in general
Playing drums, guitars (electric and acoustic), jamming
Xbox gaming
Astronomy, ancient/medieval general and natural history


References available on request.