Juniors / Adults

My aim is to safeguard the well being of all players and improve on their skills in badminton and also act as their mentor for the sport. I will show respect to them and their guardians (juniors) and in return would expect the same. I also believe everyone has the right to participate in sport thereby should be treated with equal respect regardless of their age, playing ability, social/economic status, religious beliefs, race, gender or disability. I will expect this of the players and would not hesitate to purge anyone who persists with bad behaviour and being disruptive to the rest of the group.

Parents / guardians

I will work closely with parents/guardians in providing a safe venue and good atmosphere for their children to enjoy and improve their game.

• Encourage your child to respect the rules of the game and the coach delivering it.  This also applies to you.
• Instill the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship in your child. Encourage success but at the same time also recognize good performance and to learn from each experience. Continue to encourage them if they make mistakes or lose as they are still developing their technical and mental skills.
• Support your child’s involvement in badminton and sports in general for their general health and well being..