Realise your potential: Improve your Badminton game


Personal Decision

You can start improving your game by first making a conscious decision to improve. Without this intent you will find it very hard work and difficult as your mindset is not open to learning. As the saying goes, “If it is to be, it is up to me”. Then find a qualified Badminton coach who is registered with BADMINTON England.

Goal Setting and Stickability

Set a time limit to achieve the standard that you desire and start breaking this down into achievable chunks in discussion with your coach. Stick to your goal and focus on the rewards. This will help you in the hard work to come.


Practice the skills you learn as often as possible under your coach’s supervision as “practice makes perfect” or in my vocabulary it makes for more consistency. Understanding the purposes of the skill will also help you perform it quicker and retain it longer.


Do not be afraid of competition. Think of it as an opportunity to use all the skills that you have learnt effectively and also to reflect on your performance, regardless of the result. Focus on your performance and not just the outcome.

Be Happy

Finally enjoy playing the game at all times albeit socially, during coaching or in a competitive environment. Keep reminding yourself why you are playing this game i.e to make friends, keeping fit etc.